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idea 2016 注册服务器 [](

修改 PHPStorm 选中变量高亮所有相同变量

Go into Settings->IDE Settings->Editor->Color and Fonts->General

Make a copy of Darcula to something like MyOwnDarcula (can’t change the built in schema).

Find whatever you need to change, in this case I think it’s “Identifier under caret” and change the colors for foreground and background to your liking.

Mac OS 调整 PhpStorm 运行内存

用的是 mac osx,编辑 phpstorm 的启动配置文件,其他平台根据情况选择:

vim /Applications/



搭建 Intellij 开发工具 注册服务器

cd ~/Server/Run/Docs/Tools/idea
sudo ./IntelliJIDEALicenseServer_linux_amd64

./IntelliJIDEALicenseServer_linux_amd64 -p {portNum}运行IntelliJIDEALicenseServer_linux_amd64这个程序并且指定监听端口为{portNum}(自己填端口号)


sudo vi /etc/rc.local

# 自动开启Intelli 验证服务器
sudo data/home/coam/Server/Run/Docs/Tools/idea/IntelliJIDEALicenseServer_linux_amd64


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